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Payroll Service in Korea

Jz provide the payroll service for employees who hired in Korea for your operation.

Your company is not necessarily established already in Korea but you can still hire some staffs you need.

Jz payroll service included the following;

1. Withholding tax return

we can file and pay the withholding tax for employees' income tax to avoid any risk for taxes even while hiring employees without entity in Korea.

2. SSP(Social Security Program): Pension, Health Insurance, Employment Insurance and Workmen's Compensation

we can apply the SSP to join, or exempt, or cancellation when an employee leave the company including monthly automatic payment.

3. Salary Fund Transfer

We can transfer those salary to the bank account of each employee's for an employer.

4. Retirement Fund

we can calculate and pay the retirement allowance for your employee when he or she leave after more than a year work based on Korean Standard Labor Law.

5. Payroll Slip

we can send the monthly payroll slip for your employees automatically in Korean.

6. Risk Management

Until you established your company in Korea, you can't provide the employer's SSP but your employee need to buy SSP(Pension and Health Insurance only, but can't buy employment insurance and Workmen's Compensation) by him or herself locally.

If this was the case, we can provide a kind of Workmen's compensation to avoid your risk.

Once your company established, you can provide the SSP(Social Security Program: Pension, Health Insurance, Employment Insurance and Workmen's Compensation).

7. Others

we can pay the expense reimbursement for your employees in Korea, this is very convenient for you.

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