Joseph Zoh ("JZ") is a Korean national with significant experience managing international businesses in Korea and throughout Asia-Pacific. 

Prior to engaging in the private accounting and consulting business he worked as CFO and Managing Director for leading international companies doing business throughout Asia-Pacific and Europe.  He led, in many cases, these companies first expansion into Asia.

  • JZ is one of the only CPAs and business consultants in Asia capable of handling the unique needs of international businesses and alien individuals.

  • JZ has significant experience working in Japan, the United States, Hong Kong, China, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and Germany via his employment with leading semi-conductor, international textile, construction, building materials, heavy industry, automotive and electronics companies.

  • JZ is known for his ability to understand the unique needs of his clients, because of his real on-the-ground experience in a broad range of industries throughout Asia. His frank nature and real world street-smart advice is a rarity in the consulting services in the Korean and other Asian markets.

  • JZ specializes in Financial and Management Accounting, Corporate Restructuring, Tax Accounting, Asset Protection and General Corporate Compliance for international clients doing business through Asia-Pacific and Europe.

  • Ingersoll Rand Korea, CFO/Managing Director

  • Molex Korea, CFO

  • NorthPole Inc., IT Director

  • Samwha Capacitor, Chief Accountant

  • Walbro Korea, Finance Director

  • Leybold, Korea, Controller

  • ABB Korea, Finance and Administration Manager

  • President, JZ Associates

  • Executive Partner, Haean Accounting Firm

  • Adviser, CSA Group

  • Korea University, MBA 

  • Chapman University, MS Human Resources Management

  • English & Korean

Pro Bono/CSR
  • Volunteer Auditor, Seoul International Women's Association

  • Volunteer Auditor, American Women’s Club

  • Volunteer Auditor, Kouksundo Federation

Admissions / Memberships
  • California CPA

  • Member, AICPA

  • Member, Keywill(International Accounting) Group

  • Member, Swiss-Korea BC

  • Member, Canadian Chamber

  • Member, German Chamber

  • Member, Kiwi Chamber

  • Member, Australian Chamber

since 1981-

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Joseph SY Zoh

CPA, California, a member of AICPA  |  Jz Associates/Tax Accounting Firm Hae-An

F:+82-31-273-5078  |  Skype: joezoh  |  Email: jz@taxjz.com

Web : www.taxjz.com  |  Blogs: www.koreantaxblog.com

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