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My name is Joseph Zoh, but most foreigners know me simply as JZ. For almost 30 years I worked for MNCs (multi-national companies) in Korea. I started my career as a junior accountant - organizing receipts and cleaning the office. I finally worked my way up to a CFO role, on the way handling IT tasks, purchasing, HR, general admin., finance and accounting. I finally resigned my CFO position in 2008 to start my own business consulting firm.


I have learned a lot in the last 30+ years about how to deal with people: first with my employers, then with my employees, and now with our clients. It's been a fantastic learning experience, and I feel these practical management skills have make me a very different type of CPA compared to my peers. 

I have witnessed a lot of adversity during my 28-year career, and have steered our clients through many financial difficulties, disputes, and legal claims. While I can handle such trials with confidence, I prefer to provide my services with an eye toward positive and constructive alternatives for expat SMEs. 

One of the most prized assets I’ve gained over my career is a network of excellent service providers: CPAs, tax specialists, international lawyers, patent lawyers, labor lawyers, start-up specialists, scriveners, and executive headhunters, just to name a few. This network, JZ Associates, works with many clients every day, providing a comprehensive shared service network for expats in Korea.

Some of our clients included: 

  • ABB Korea

  • Gadelius Group 

  • Leybold Korea 

  • Degussa Group

  • CSA Group

  • Rhodius Group

  • Torrecid Group

  • Oerlikon Group

  • First Advantage Group

  • Walbro Korea

  • Ingersoll-Rand Group

  • Molex Korea

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Joseph SY Zoh

CPA, California, a member of AICPA  |  Jz Associates/Tax Accounting Firm Hae-An

F:+82-31-273-5078  |  Skype: joezoh  |  Email: jz@taxjz.com

Web : www.taxjz.com  |  Blogs: www.koreantaxblog.com

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