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Work Place Status Report:사업장현황신고

This Notice letter is for the VAT Exempted Sole-Proprietor(부가가치세 면세사업자), and asking to report your status of 2016FY by the 10th of February.

Usually this report is for Private English Teaching Institute(개인교습소) who hold a licensure issued by a District Education Center locally.

You need to report;

- Sales amount by credit card, cash receipts you issued and other payment received from your client

- Expense amount by payment method, credit card, tax invoice and cash receipts

- Space of your biz place, no of employees, key money of the rent

- Basic expenses like rent and labor cost

This is very important report since you need to file your global income tax return based on this report by the end of this coming May.

You can file it at the "HomeTax(" if you didn't have any symptoms of Active-X Allergy though.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me to


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