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LLC Set-up

Foreigner can set up an LLC easily and quickly in Korea since there is no requirements for actual funding.

So even in FDI case(100mil.won paid-in-capital: currently 77K U$), you can move the capital fund just after the approval of the FDI at the bank.

Nowadays the minimum Paid-in-capital is 1mil.won in Korea with a sole director, so it easier to start your business in Korea comparing with the old days.

You just need the following info.;

  1. name of the company

  2. name of the directors

  3. name of the shareholders

  4. business address

  5. purpose of the business

  6. paid-in-capital

You need to check the possibility whether your company name can be used in Korea without any dispute.

I'd like to explain one by one on the later posts.

Any questions, Please email me to


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