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Inheritance Related Taxes and Expenses

Joint liability for inheritance tax means that the heirs have the obligation to pay the inheritance tax jointly, within the limit of the property they received from the deceased. Because of the joint liability, if a certain heir pays more than his or her share of the tax, it is not considered as a gift.

So practically heirs need to make a payment plan individually or make an agreement for this tax and expense sharing plan with Property Division Agreement.

The following is the estimated taxes and expenses other than Inheritance tax;

  1. Acquisition taxes: 1-3% of the property value

  2. Real Estate Appraisal fee: 0.08%-0.11% of the real estate price

  3. Legal and Tax filing fee: depends on filing amount

  4. Inheritance Registration Expenses: it depends but more than 1 mil.won~

Usually you heirs need to share those taxes and expenses based on the inherited shares.

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