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Entity Set-up

A foreigner can set up a Korean company without a presence in Korea at the Court, and apply for the tax registration at the tax office and apply for open bank account incl. internet banking, so you can move your fund overseas to overseas if it's not a money laundry purpose but commercial one.

I mean you can set-up your company at home and operate it by yourself remotely.

The above procedure, you need a lawyer or scrivener, tax accountant and CPA to do jobs as your agent.

JzAssociates are a group to provide all of these services can complete it with a ONE PoA.

More than 20 years experience in this shared service area, JZ have a good reputation from foreigners because of a lot of sincere associate partners like Lawyers, Scriveners, CPA, Tax accountants, and partner banks.

Any questions, please send me an email to


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