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Global Income Tax Return for 2019FY

Every resident who earned other than salary income in Korea for 2019 FY need to file tax return by the June 1, 2020 and must pay taxes by the August 31 because of Corona Virus crisis according to the NTS announcement on Apr. 28.

And especially if your address is Daegu, Gyoungsan-city or Bonghwa-gun, you can file it by the end of June. And if you apply the tax refund by the 1st of June, you can get it back in June 23.

You need to file all of earned income like rental, interest, dividend, salary income, pension and other income earned in Korea during 2019 FY.

But as a salary incomer and filed year-end settlement with your employer by the March, you don't need to file again if you didn't earn other income or no need to correct the year-end settlement for salary income.

I had a lot of cases, who had a couple of employer in a year, but didn't settle it while combining all of salary income for the year-end settlement, if this is the case, you may get the surprising tax bill in a year.

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