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Global Income Tax Return

I think you may get this NTS letter recently and need to prepare return and pay taxes by the end of May.

Most of salaried employee who had an employer may not need to file if the employer filed fairly and correctly in the last March, but if needed any amend, you can also file it in this period.

The following taxpayer need to file;

- had 2 kind of income, salary income and 3.3% income

- freelancer income(3.3% income)

- had more than 2 employers and didn't combine it in the last February for the year-end tax settlement period

- had 2 class of income; salaried income from domestic company and foreign company

- if needed to amend the year-end tax settlement return which was done by your employer in the last February, and if any missing deductible items

If you missed this time or late, you need to pay 20% penalty as well as late payment penalty.

Please keep the due date always.

More questions, please contact me to always.


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