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Housing Allowance

Is Housing allowance taxable income?

Even if an employer didn't pay it added on a monthly salary?

If your employer pay it added on your monthly salary, yes it's quite sure a kind of taxable income, and no doubt at all.

But if your employer provided an apartment, it's a bit controversial if it's not a big and luxury house.

I may not tell you how much big and luxury is taxable, but even if that case, an employer used to provide a house to their employee according to the internal policy, and pay the rent under the name of the company, it may be a good evidence that it's not a taxable income.

If it's a kind of taxable income, you and your employer need to pay more SSP(Social security program=4 major insurance premium), you need to pay more individual tax thereafter.

If it's taxable, it can be counted for retirement allowance when you leave the employer after a year-long service?

It may not counted for retirement allowances if an employer provided an apartment under his payment, but yes if an employer used pay it with the monthly paycheck.

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