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If an employer didn't prepare a labor agreement or Payslip, it can be charged?

If an employer didn't prepare a labor agreement or payslip, it can be charged?

Yes, you can dial "1350" and your employer can be claimed max. 5 mil.won fine.

In Korea, employers are legally required to provide a written employment contract and payroll slip to their employees within a certain period after the commencement of employment. Failure to provide a written employment contract, labor agreement or payslip does not absolve the employer of their legal responsibilities.

If an employer fails to prepare a written labor agreement as required by law, it can be considered a violation of the Korean labor regulations. The employer may be subject to penalties or legal consequences for non-compliance. The specific penalties and consequences for not providing a written labor agreement may vary depending on the circumstances and the applicable labor laws in Korea. The Ministry of Employment and Labor is responsible for enforcing labor laws and regulations and may take action against employers who fail to comply with their obligations. Employees who have not received a written labor agreement or are facing issues with their employer's non-compliance can seek assistance from relevant labor authorities or consult with a labor attorney for guidance on how to address the situation and protect their rights. It's important for both employers and employees to understand their respective rights and obligations under Korean labor laws and to ensure compliance with the legal requirements regarding employment contracts and labor agreements.

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