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How to log-in Hometax for an Expat?

Signing up for Hometax is essential for year-end tax settlement, various declarations, issuance of electronic tax invoices, issuance of tax certificates, and inquiries.

We will help you with the registration process.

Follow the signup steps below to enter into Hometax.

(*However, you must obtain an official certificate for Internet banking before signing up for Hometax)

01. Accessing Hometax

Enter HomeTax or 홈택스 in search bar or click the link below.

02. Click the sign up button

Click the sign up button at the top of the Hometax main screen.

03. Select membership type

Individuals or sole proprietors sign up for membership with their resident registration number as an "개인: individual type";.

Corporate sign up for membership with their business registration number as "법인: Corporate Type".

04. Identity verification

The next screen is to verify your identity.

Complete the identity verification process using a public certificate or security card for issuing electronic tax invoices.

05. Agree to Terms of Use

Have you seen the screen a lot? Please check all of the agreements and click the next button at the bottom.

06. Check and modify member information

Items marked with a red asterisk (*) in the user details field must be filled in.

Now, click the Complete Membership Registration button at the bottom to complete the membership registration



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