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December Fiscal Year-End: Corporate Tax and Local Income Tax Declarations

Introduction: As the tax reporting deadline of April 30th approaches in Korea, many corporations, especially those concluding their fiscal year in December, are gearing up for corporate tax and local tax declarations. This blog post aims to provide guidance on corporate tax and local tax declarations for December fiscal year-end corporations in Korea in preparation for the upcoming deadline.


  1. Corporate Tax Declaration:

  • Explanation of the corporate tax declaration process and requirements for December fiscal year-end corporations.

  • Guidance on tax reporting deadlines and submission methods.

  • Tips on the importance of accounting and financial document preparation.

  1. Local Tax Declaration:

  • Introduction to various local taxes applicable to corporations in Korea and the procedures for tax declaration.

  • Guidance on completing and submitting local tax declaration forms.

  • Discussion of common challenges in local tax compliance and potential solutions.

  1. Strategies for Compliance and Optimization:

  • Recommendations for streamlining the corporate tax and local tax declaration processes.

  • Introduction to tax incentives and deductions available to Korean corporations.

  • Best practices for ensuring compliance with laws and regulations while minimizing tax liabilities.

Conclusion: With the April 30th tax reporting deadline looming, December fiscal year-end corporations in Korea are intensifying their preparations for corporate tax and local tax declarations. By completing these tax reporting processes, businesses can minimize tax burdens and ensure compliance with regulations. We wish your company a successful tax reporting season.

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