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Can you issue the E-tax invoice(전자세금계산서) at the Hometax?

1. Access to Hometax

After accessing the National Tax Service Home Tax, click ‘Issuance of electronic tax invoices by case전자세금계산서 건별발급’ in the ‘Frequently Visited Menu 자주찾는 메뉴’.

2. Joint Certificate Login

Among the login methods, click ‘joint/financial certificate 공동·금융인증서’ and log in with the prepared business joint certificate.

3. Enter recipient information

Enter the business registration number, trade name, and name of the recipient. For your reference, when you log in, your business information is automatically entered by default.

4. Enter item and unit price

After entering the name, standard, quantity, and unit price of the supply item, click ‘Calculate 계산’ to automatically calculate and enter the supply value and tax amount. When finished, click ‘Issue 발급하기’.

5. Check the result

If you authenticate again with the business operator's joint certificate, it will be completed and you can check the result.

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