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A freelancer can join the Korean Social security program(4 major insurances)?

Employer reluctantly make an employment contract for a regular employee but a freelancer, is there any reason?

There could be several reasons why an employer might prefer to hire a freelancer rather than a regular employee and be reluctant to create an employment contract. Some of these reasons might include:

First of all, Cost savings: Employers may save on costs associated with hiring a regular employee, such as 4 major insurances(around 10-12% of the taxable payroll). Freelancers are generally responsible for their own taxes, insurance, and other expenses.

Freelancers can discuss this issue with the employer and still can join for National pension and National health insurance(which is the one of most efficient health insurances in the world), while paying half and half with the employer.

If your employer refuse or neglect, you can still apply for the area plan(지역가입) for national pension and health insurance, but you need to pay 100% of the premium by yourself.

Once you paid the half or 100% of the National pension, you can get a tax back(minimum 6% per year, maximum can be more than 24%, it depends on your tax rate) once a year in May, and you can claim the lump-sum withdrawal when you leave my country(it depends on your nationalities, so you need to check it, just dial "1345").

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