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Address Change at the Court

Did you move your resident address?

Then, You need to visit a Dong-office and report it in 2 weeks and your address (on ARC: Alien Registration Card)will be updated automatically at the immigration office.

But if you're a representative director of a company, you need to change your resident address(on company registrar) at the court.

Did you move your business address?

Then you need to change your address at the court and then tax office later.

Question is why your address is not automatically changed at the court like the immigration office?

The court is under Judicial power(사법) and the other is under Administrative power(행정), anyway it's like a bit not friendly enough to business at all while everybody asking the business first.

Any plan to improve this?

I never heard about it, but I feel once it's improved or any movement, there'll be some riot by all of scriveners in Korea.

More details, please contact to

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