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Company Registrar(법인등기부 등본)

You may see this one as one of legal docs issued by the Supreme Court and you can also print it out through your internet.

Whenever you change any items on this registrar you need to register again at the court, these items are;

1. Name of the company(상호)

2. Address of HQ(본점 주소)

3. Par Value(1주의 금액)

4. Paid in Capital(자본금)

5. Purpose of Business(목적)

6. Director and Auditor(임원)

- Resident Address of Representative Director or sole director

7. Branch

Usually Your company need to register any change in 2 weeks otherwise there will be a fine up to 5mil.won per each indolence. How you can change the contents of the company registrar, it depends on your AOI(Articles of Incorporation), but usually you need an approval of BoD( Board of Director) meeting and a shareholders' meeting as well.

Your biz address on the Tax Registrar(사업자등록증) should be always the same with the address on this as well as other licenses, they(Commercial Court, National Tax Service, City Hall and other concerned parties) need more improvement on this in the near future.

When you move your address in a same city or from Seoul to the local area(other city like Yong-In), it may not occur any big expenses but if you want to move from a local city to the Seoul or other big city, you need to pay 4 times registration tax.

You can also print a company registrar as above through the internet, please click the below;

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