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What's the use of these material?

1. Corporate Seal(Beop Ihn Doh Jaang:법인도장, 법인인감 or 법인인감도장)

2. Corp. Seal Certificate issued by the Supreme Court(Ihn-Gaam Certificate: 인감증명서)

3. Corp. Seal Card(Blue card, Beop Ihn Ihn Gaam Card: 법인인감카드)

When you start a business in Korea, you may have a lot of strange material, a various registrar and registration, certificate and permit.

One of the typical things are "1. Doh Jaang(Corp. Seal or Stamp)", 2. Corp. Seal Certificate(Ihn-Gaam-Certificate) and 3. Corp. Seal Card(In-garm card), once upon a time we used to make our hand(Palm) instead of Seal with red stamping ink.

This is the same thing with your Signature, we Korean used to put this stamp instead of your signature and now with the Corp. Seal Certificate, so this should be registered at the court from the beginning when you established a corporation in Korea. Usually a lot of Korean company has a lot of stamps for a various purpose for example, bank book for fund withdraw in an finance department, transaction stamps for a commercial contract in a sales department, but usually the Corp. Seal should be controlled by a Top Management Team or Adm. Manager.

The Corp. Seal Card is for issuance of the Corp.seal certificates, you can put this card at the vending machine installed at the Commercial court and press the password to get the seal certificates.

This vending machine is not available anywhere but only at the commercial court, "Registry Office(등기소)"

You need to control this certificate like an inventory to avoid any fraud, and this certificate is valid only valid for 3 months from the date of issuance.

I have a lot cases in losing Corp. seal and Corp. seal card, it's cost some to recover, so please take a picture with the password for immediate recovery.

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