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How to register your "Digital cert." at the Hometax

In order to log-in Hometax, you must register as a member while registering a public certificate. A public certificate is required for tax reporting, e-notification, tax payment, certification issuance, tax invoice issuance, etc. through the NTS(National Tax Services)

Hometax system using the Internet. (However, users who sign up for membership through public certificate

authentication will automatically register the public certificate.)

For smooth use of Hometax, we will now register the accredited certificate with Hometax along with the explanation below.

01. Hometax login

Please log in first with the Hometax ID you want to register a public certificate for.

02. Click Authorized Certification Center

After logging in to Hometax, click the Authorized Certification Center at the top of the main screen.

03. Registration of accredited certificate

On the Public Certificate Center tab screen, click the shortcut for Registering a Public Certificate.

04. Choose "personal or business (sole-proprietorship/corporate)"

In the case of individuals and representatives of private businesses, please fill in your resident registration number and click the Register button.

If you are a business (individual/corporate), please enter your business registration number and click the Register


05. Enter the public certificate password

Enter the password of the public certificate you want to register and click the OK button.

06. Accredited certificate registration completed


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