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Corporate Seal Certificate(법인인감증명서) in Korea; Basics in Business Practice

Are you still visiting the registry office(등기소) to obtain your corporate seal certificate?

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In the intricate landscape of Korean corporate formalities, the registration of a Corp. Seal (법인인감, 법인도장)

emerges as a pivotal step during the inception of a business entity. This emblematic seal, upon its creation, must be officially recorded at the judiciary's sanctum, thereby endowing it with the authority to serve as a proxy for the signature of the company's chief executive officer(Representative Director) in legal documents. The procurement of this seal is a nominal affair, costing a mere 1,000 won at a registry office (등기소), yet its validity is ephemeral, lasting only a trio of months from its date of issuance.

Vigilance is paramount in monitoring the alignment between the seal's issuance date and the date on which it adorns a document. Post-registration, the seal's replication at the court necessitates the presentation of a distinctive blue card (법인인감카드) accompanied by a confidential password. In certain instances, the submission of this seal may be requisitioned alongside the company registrar (법인등기부등본) and the pertinent documents it authenticates.

For the purpose of safeguarding future commercial alliances, meticulous records of documents stamped with this seal, encompassing details of both suppliers and clients, are indispensable. This practice serves as a bulwark against any potential misappropriation of the seal's authority. Furthermore, the creation of specialized stamps (도장) for departmental use – such as those for financial transactions or sales contracts – is a common practice. These department-specific seals are often distinguished by unique symbols or numerals, such as *, O, A, or other digits.

The sanctity of the Corp. Seal is preserved by confining its use to legal documents and pivotal contracts, with its storage in a secure location being a customary practice. The seal's design typically features the full company name encircling its perimeter, rendered in either Korean or English, while the inner circle proudly bears the title of the 대표이사 (Representative Director) in Chinese or Korean characters, symbolizing the fusion of tradition and modernity in Korean corporate culture.

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