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Yearly Paid Leave(연차휴가)

Don't miss your 26 paid leaves if you're hired from June 2017 and worked for more than a year there.

We revised standard labor law related to the yearly paid leave articles last year, so an employee who was hired from May 30, 2017 can get 26 paid leaves on May 30, 2018, it's surprise!

Previously employee can take a day leave per month before a year-service and can get 15 days leave after a year service and deduct leave days already took.

Usually employer strongly asked to employee to take those paid leaves and reluctantly pay it, even forced employee to take those leaves on time, so an employee didn't take those leaves without a proper reason or approval from employer can't ask to pay it even he or she didn't take those leaves.

It's stated paid leave, 15 days per year, so you can ask to take while discussing with your employer and minimize an effect of lack of manpower.

More details please send me an email to, gooday!

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